Joseph Dewey

Wire art and phone booths

Wire art and phone booths are slowly disappearing.

Send me a link to your pictures of wire art and phone booths.

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I’m Joseph Dewey, and I love the phone booths and wire art in Bangkok. And this site is a tribute to both of those things. I also love Bangkok buses and trains, and some of my most beautiful pictures are of buses and trains.

I love 360 photos, and here’s one I took of the Bangkok Seashell Museum.

But now I have a Pixel 2, and it doesn’t take good 360 photos. Well, when it works, they’re beautiful, but it only works about 10% of the time. So, after I upgraded from a Pixel to a Pixel 2, then I stopped taking a lot of 360 pictures.

This is me, Joseph Dewey, talking about getting peanuts in Bangkok.